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    Adrian Plass is an Anglican, born 65 years ago in Tunbridge Wells.  He trained as an actor at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he met Bridget. They worked as residential child care workers with disadvantaged children for many  years before Adrian suffered a breakdown and subsequently embarked on a career as a writer and performer. They settled in Hailsham East Sussex until, in 2009, he and his wife Bridget moved to North Yorkshire to join the Scargill Community based at Scargill House, a conference, holiday and retreat Centre, where they lived and worked for three years before moving even further north  to County Durham.

    Adrian actually began to write as a gentle form of therapy. His first piece of work was "The Visit", a novella in which a fictional local Church in England is visited by Jesus (published in England originally as part of the short story collection The Final Boundary, and as a stand-alone illustrated edition in 1999). The German translation of this novella, "Der Besuch", was made into a 40 minute film in 2006. Adrian greatly enjoys his frequent tours of Germany. Another early work was a novel, Broken Windows, Broken Lives, a fictional account of early experiences when working with children who were dealing with a variety of problems.. 

    His most well known book remains The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (37 3/4) which has sold over a million copies world wide, and is the first in a series of gently satirical novels about the hapless attempts of his central character to be a better Christian. It began life as a column in Family Magazine, which is why the central character bears his own name. It is also why this Adrian has a wife called Anne and a son called Gerald, which has caused some confusion over the years as Adrian's one and only wife has always been Bridget and they have four adult children, none of whom are called Gerald! 

    Adrian has at present written 36 books including three with Bridget and two with Jeff Lucas. He is perhaps proudest of his book of collected poems, 'Silences and Nonsenses' but he has a special affection for 'Looking Good Being Bad' which he says still makes him laugh! His favourite book is usually the one he is writing at the time.

    Adrian and Bridget are still members of the Scargill Community and still intensely involved, especially in contributing to the programme, but Adrian now has space again in which to write.

    Last year (2013) saw the publication of the latest in the ever popular Sacred Diary series 'Adrian Plass and the Church Weekend' and he is presently working on a new book to be published later in the year.

    2013 also saw Adrian joining Jeff Lucas for more Seriously Funny tours and Bridget and Adrian touring 'Riding the Storm' with Dave Bilborough, in association with the Sailors Society, as well as many other individual gigs around the UK including Spring Harvest and Greenbelt.